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Our Wild Kingdom

Our Bold Kingdom of Ocean Animals Holiday Special Edition

Our Bold Kingdom of Ocean Animals Holiday Special Edition

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Just in time for the Holidays!

A perfect gift for kids who are WILD ABOUT ANIMALS!

Loaded with the same fascinating facts as the original book but now it's all dressed up for a fun Christmas Season!

Did you know that?
  • Baby Bottlenose dolphins are born with whiskers!
  • Hammerhead sharks can see what’s above and below them, at the same time.
  • Tiger sharks can have up to 80 pups that hatch inside the mother and are born live and totally independent.
  • Giant Clams need sunlight and are capable of photosynthesis, like trees, to create their own food.
The animal world is full of fascinating creatures!
You’ll be surprised at the amazing ways ocean animals adapt to their environment in order to survive and reproduce!
Come along and explore the underwater wonders just waiting to be discovered.
All of the ocean animals are ready and waiting to tell you all about:
  • How they live.
  • What they eat.
  • Where they come from.
  • How they reproduce.
  • Plus so much more fun and strange information!
A Wild Kingdom of Ocean Animals will be bringing you:
  • Whales and Dolphins
  • Sharks and Rays
  • and amazing Invertebrates!

As an added Bonus we've also included 5 adorable ocean animal coloring pages and a glossary of interesting words!

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