About the Authors

Lucia and Carina Rodriguez are a mother daughter team whose passion for animals is the driving force behind this book series. Lucia (the mom) has been rescuing animals for over 50 years! Her daughter Carina is truly that apple that didn't fall far from that tree. She is just as devoted to helping any and all animals. Of the two, she is also the most fearless. Mom is awesome with domestic animals, but it's Carina who will fearlessly tackle the wild and unpredictable ones. Snakes, Opossums, Iguanas, Wild birds, and so many others. If any animal is lost, in danger, or hurt they simply can't walk away. It is that level of caring that inspired them to join their talents and started this wonderful series of animal books. In doing so they felt that the animals should be given a voice, which is why this book is written in first person, so that each animal has a name (specifically from their region) and they will be their own narrators. They not only have an unrelenting love for the animal kingdom, they also have an amazing amount of respect for each and every species!